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Become a BBY Counselor

Incredible counselors are the key to success at Be the Best You Camp! 
We simply can't do it without you! 

Be The Best You Camp

Counselor Responsibilities

  • Provide for physical and spiritual well-being of 10 girls  in your group

  • Effectively teach (formally and informally) in a group setting including devotionals each evening

  • Be a positive example and role model

  • Abide by BBY rules

  • Work directly with, take direction from, and report to administrative staff

Counselor Requirements

  • Our counselor roles are for single, college age women 

  • Be enthusiastic, positive, flexible, and caring

  • Be able to work under pressure and handle stressful situations

  • Be able to motivate and discipline when necessary

  • Have at least one year of college or work experience out of high school 

  •  Be available for counselor training and provide own transportation

  Strongly Preferred:

  • Previous experience working with teen girls

  • Leadership and service experience

Be The Best You Camp

"My first interaction with BBY was as a participant when I was 12-years-old. My parents had just gotten a divorce and I was going through a really hard time. I remember being able to escape the chaos I was entrenched in and being able to find light, peace, and life-long friends at BBY. I promised myself then that I would pay it forward as a counselor one day. 

Over a decade later, being a BBY counselor was one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to get to know such sweet, loving, and strong girls. They put their trials to the side and worked to love and lift each other's burdens. During BBY, my imperfect heart was filled with God's perfect love for each girl. I'm so grateful for BBY and all it stands for. My own trials and struggles were swallowed up in the joy of selfless service and being surrounded by such valiant women at 
Be the Best You Camp."

- Elisa, BBY Counselor

Be The Best You Camp
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