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Never Forget

WOW!!! What an amazing week we shared at BBY this year! Thank you SO MUCH for the love you shared, the spirit you brought, and the service you rendered. Your testimonies and smiles at the end of the week were proof to me of how you changed, and how your personal relationship with Christ was strengthened. MINE WAS TOO!

Yesterday at church, I couldn't help but think of how each of you would take the sacrament with new meaning...realizing that our brother, Jesus Christ really is here with us and for us. It was confirmed to me, yet again, how much HE LOVE YOU and APPRECIATES who you are becoming.

I hope you never forget the spirit you felt at camp this year. And to help us all remember that spirit, we have decided to start this blog where we will post highlights from camp, stories from each of you of what you learned at camp and how you've taken the lessons home with well as weekly spiritual thoughts.

Thank you all again for this past week!

I LOVE YOU, and everyone at BBY loves you!!!

Love always, Barbara


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