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Back to School We Go! :)

Some of you may have already started school, and some of you may not...but either way, these tips will help you all year long!!! :)

1. USE A PLANNER - Stay on task and ahead by writing down assignments and tests!

2. TACKLE YOUR BIG TASK FIRST - You have more energy and are more motivated meaning the assignment will turn out better since it is completed first.

3. DON'T OVER-COMMIT YOURSELF - When it comes to school sponsored clubs and sporting groups you can become absolutely swamped! Commit to one or two things that you can fully commit to and enjoy, allowing you to get more out of it!

4. GET ENOUGH SLEEP - regular sleeping habits will help you succeed!

5. GET ORGANIZED - Keep your notebooks, planner, and spiral notebooks neat in order to allow for an efficient usage of study time.

6. TRACK YOUR GRADES - Know what subjects you need to study more and stay on top of assignments.

7. GET AHEAD, DON'T PROCRASTINATE - Schedule yourself to complete tasks with plenty of time before they are due!

8. LAY OUT YOUR OUTFIT THE NIGHT BEFORE - Checking the weather to see whether it will be raining or cold is also helpful to save you some time in the morning!

9. TAKE A BREAK - it's okay to stop and breathe instead of pushing through your whole assignment. Set a timer during your breaks to help you stay on task.

10. STAY POSITIVE - You will feel a lot better once you are finished if you were positive during the process!

Sometimes is may feel as though you want to give up, but as you push through and ask Heavenly Father for help each day - you will be able to accomplish more than you ever thought possible!

We love you and wish you luck getting back to school!!!


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