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Why Does General Conference Matter?

Can you believe General Conference is here again?!

What are the first memories that come to mind when you think of conference? Watching on your couch with breakfast and pajamas? Important announcements from prophets? Maybe going to the conference center?

Whether you grew up watching conference or not, why not make this session of conference an unforgettable one?! It’s not as hard as you might think.

Use these tips to make conference a meaningful experience!

1. Ask in prayer to receive guidance during conference. Heavenly Father wants to help guide you, why wouldn’t he answer this prayer??

2. Think of specific questions or direction you need in your life. With specific questions come specific answers and guidance.

3. Take notes! You don’t have to write every detail, but if you get thoughts or ideas, write them down! This will also help show the spirit and Heavenly Father that you are trying to listen which may result in EVEN MORE guidance.

4. Don’t lay down while you watch. This may seem silly, but your body and spirit will be more alert if you are not TOO comfortable and sleeping through talks ;)

5. Get a good nights sleep! Again, the more you can do to prepare and be alert, the more guidance you can receive.

6. Lastly, review the conference talks in the ensign or online after they are given. These talks aren’t just for adults, they’re for everyone! Prophets, apostles, and general authorities receive inspiration and guidance from Heavenly Father to know what people all over the world need to hear.

Heavenly Father knows both the good and hard things you are going through in your life. He wants you to be happy! Happiness comes as we listen to his guidance and direction. THAT is why we have conference and THAT is why you should make it important in your life!

You will receive help if you watch conference prayerfully and with the right attitude and spirit. There is no doubt! Enjoy conference and do everything you can to learn from it.

We love you ladies so much! We pray for you often and want the best for you.

Until next time!

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