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4 Things to Kick Off SPRING!

It has been a cold winter, but the good thing about a lot of snow is that it makes

springtime that much better! Spring is finally starting to sneak up on us, which

means it is time for bright colors, sandals, sun and so much more!

So here are four fun ways to kick off spring and say goodbye to winter!

SPEND MORE TIME OUTSIDE – You can finally go outside without 10 layers to

keep you warm so step out of hibernation and into the sun. It’s scientifically proven,

being outside improves your mental health and creativity, boosts your immune

system, reduces stress and it just makes you happier. There is a reason the sun is so

bright and makes everyone smile when it comes out. You can go for a walk with

your best friend, take a nap on the grass or go on a picnic and I promise you will feel

refreshed and full of smiles after.

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT – It’s a new season so learn something new. Pick

a hobby. Make a goal. Step outside of the box and out of your comfort zone and do

something you have never done before. We are here to learn and grow so that we

can improve and be better, but we can’t do that if we never try new things. So learn

to fish, make a new friend, plant a garden. We all have ambition and want to be the

best we can be. So look inside of yourself and find that one thing you have always

wanted to do. Then find the courage to do it.

DEEP CLEAN – Gordon B. Hinckley once told the story about spring-cleaning in

his home as a boy. His family would spend two Saturdays cleaning everything in the

entire house together. “We detested that work. But when all of it was done, and

everything was back in place, the result was wonderful. The house was clean, our

spirits renewed. The whole world looked better.” When we get all of the dust and

dirt that has been slowly piling up for months out of our lives and make everything

fresh and new again, we are inviting the Spirit into our homes and making room for

more beauty. We will find peace and rejuvenation in the cleanliness.

REMEMBER EASTER – Easter Sunday is March 27th this year and there isn’t a

better holiday to mark the beginning of such a happy season. So as we prepare for

the sun, lets also remember God’s son and the incredible thing He did for us. Dieter

F. Uchtdorf talked about Christ’s Atonement and Resurrection in the April 2015

General Conference. He said:

“On Easter Sunday we celebrate the most long-awaited and glorious event in

the history of the world. It is the day that changed everything. On that day, my life

changed. Your life changed. The destiny of all God’s children changed. On that

blessed day, the Savior of mankind, who had taken upon Himself the chains of sin

and death that held us captive, burst those chains and set us free. Because of the

sacrifice of our beloved Redeemer, death has no sting, the grave has no victory,

Satan has no lasting power, and we are “begotten … again unto a lively hope by

the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

Because of Christ, we have second-chances, new beginnings, endless possibilities

and no “The End.” He gives us hope and the happiest future we could ever imagine.

So lets make it a happy spring, trying new things and becoming the best we can be.

And what will make it the best spring of all is remembering the Savior and sharing

that goodness with everyone else who is outside with us!

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