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Your Best School Year Ever!

WOW! What a fun summer we had together! We miss you all so much, but are so grateful for the memories you made with us at Be The Best You, and A New You!

We can't believe you are all back in school already, and getting ready for FALL!!! The Leaves are starting to change, there's a crisp feeling in the air in the morning and at night....and I bet all of you are LOVING having homework again - right?! ;P

School is such a wonderful thing, and we hope you enjoy this year with new teachers, new friends, new lessons to be learned. Of course it won't be all fun and games, but there are some ways to really enjoy going back to school after a summer full of sun, games, swimming, friends, and travel!

Are you ready to make this the best school year ever?

10 tips to have a great year:

1. Pick out your outfits the night before so you aren't stressing about what to wear in the morning!

2. Start fresh with a cute and fun notebook and planner!

3. Eat a healthy breakfast!

4. Give your locker a makeover - it's one thing at school you can really add "you" to!

5. GIVE BACK! - Service = Happy!!!

6. Write your favorite quotes in your notebook so when you open it you can be inspired!

7. Write things down - it's so easy to forget little things when you are busy.

8. BE POSITIVE! - A positive attitude changes everything...LAUGH IT OFF!

9. De-Clutter your room. When your home is clean and organized you will be all-around more organized. :)

10. Save up - Whether you have a job, an allowance, or the occasional income from babysitting, put aside a few dollars every week. Then, at the end of the year, you will have enough to treat your something to something special.

We want to hear about exciting things happening in your life! Please keep us updated because we love you!!! AND DON'T FORGET ABOUT OUR BEE THERE GIRL'S FUNDRAISER FOR WOMAN TO WOMAN!!!!

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