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Swing into Spring!

Springtime is the time for new beginnings. New jobs, new ideas, new hobbies, a new school semester, and more! The word spring means to move or jump suddenly or rapidly upward/forward and to originate or arise from. In the spirit of this, here are three great ways to help you Swing into Spring!

Let the Light Shine - Most days during Spring are sunny and bright! Shed those winter clothes and go outside! Leave your phone inside and take a picture in your mind of what you

see. Look up, feel the sun, smile and lay on the grass, be happy! Let the sun shine down on you and fill your soul with light! In return you can share your happiness with others. Let your light shine in your life and in others.

Catch the Breeze – While you’re outside notice the quiet, gentle breeze. It floods over and around you, always there but never seen. This can be the same as the Spirit. Let the Spirit into your lives on a daily basis! It can never be forced into your life, you have to stop, look and listen, and allow yourself to be quiet and still. Then you will recognize just as the soft breeze, the Spirit CAN always be with you.

Fresh Start- We can always use a good spring cleaning in our homes during Springtime. We dust things, clean under furniture and up on things we don’t clean often during the winter months. Now is the time to physically and metaphorically open our doors! Air out bad habits, let in clean thoughts and feelings, rejuvenate and replenish our bodies and minds. As we clean our homes and our spirits, we will have the BEST spring cleaning ever!

As we focus on loving and serving others, staying in tune with the spirit, and keeping ourselves clean and pure, we are allowing ourselves to be our best selves! We can arise from where we are in our lives, stand a little taller, and shine a little brighter. We can change the world one smile at a time.

Let your light shine and swing into spring!

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