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Summer Fun!

With school out and the weather getting warm, there is a lot that can be done to enjoy

summer! Here are 3 fun ideas to help you recharge this summer!

Play: This is the time of year to get out and have fun! Research has shown that wholehearted

families play! This helps them connect, everyone has learning experiences, and spending time

together is irreplaceable. Ask your friends and family things that spark a good discussion while

playing! What do they find most enjoyable about summer? What is most fun for you to do?

Why do you enjoy that activity? Get everyone off their phones in a fun, playful, and creative

way! Get your minds thinking of relaxing, playing, and spending quality time together.

Renew yourself: What makes you happy? Do you enjoy going to the movies, playing at a park,

going on walks in the evening, cooking? The list is endless! Make sure to make the time for the

things that are most important to you to ensure your happiness. If all you do is read one book

this summer but that makes you happy, be sure to do it! Be sure to commit to doing whatever

you choose each day if possible, also make sure you enjoy yourself while doing it! Try to avoid

setting a time frame for your activity (painting, reading, exercising, swimming, etc) so you can

relax without feeling the pressure to hurry to finish your activity.

Identify and do “mission critical” things: Many of us enjoy “to-do” lists so we can see what

we’re accomplishing! Try to break things down into what is absolutely critical to accomplish vs.

things that are not as time sensitive. Some suggestions to help with the break down are: 1-

things I NEED to get done this week, 2- things I WANT to get done this week, 3- things to do

THIS MONTH, and 4- things to do SOMEDAY. It turns out most columns end up having only a

few things in them. You can almost always accomplish the #1 column each day as well! It helps

things that need to be accomplished become more manageable when they’re all written down.

Doing all of these things WILL help you reconnect with your friends, family, and yourself. Other

FANTASTIC ways to recharge yourself is SERVICE. With our Be The Best You Camp just around

the corner, we have a ton of service projects planned! Here are some to name a few! The Boys

and Girls Club Carnival, making blankets for the children at Primary Children’s Hospital, our

amazing Special Needs activity where we are all princesses, visiting the elderly at retirement

homes, and so much more!

We are beyond excited for BBY camp! Keep up the great work with serving and loving others,

being a Be There Girl, taking care of yourself, and enjoy summer! We love all of you! Get ready


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