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All Aboard the Adventure Bus!

Written By: Jo Dee Walker


Let's face it. Hanging out with the same group of friends, signing up for the same classes, and always choosing the same flavor of ice cream all fall into the “safe” zone. Why are we built like this? Why do we constantly pick “safe" over adventure and easy over hard? Short answer…it’s comfortable. Well guess what? That’s BORING with a capital B! Why not choose the adventure bus? The bus with rainbows somedays and rain clouds other days. The bus where the route takes lefts instead of rights. The bus where it’s about the journey NOT the destination. The bus that serves a lunch you’ve never tried before and requires you to sit by a stranger. Woah! Sound Scary? Uncomfortable? Are you freaking out? Good! :) Scary and uncomfortable is where growth happens. They require you to be brave and force you to try new adventures. Adventures that allow you to take chances and prove just how strong you are. Insert “BAM! You’ve got this!” So get out there. Choose right now to jump on the bus where mistakes are encouraged and messes are mandatory. Eat the unfamiliar sandwich and introduce yourself to the stranger. Come on. Just try it. You’ll learn a ton. You may even cry a little, but you’ll be beyond proud of your bravery. So take the leap, jump aboard the adventure bus and wave goodbye to boring. Try something new today. You’re gonna be totally AWESOME at it.

Jo Dee Walker will be joining us for BBY 2021 to help with our morning fitness experiences!

Delightful, positive, and full of energy are just a few ways to describe Jo and her zest for life. With a background in fitness, nutrition, and yoga, Jo is passionate about sharing her heart and knowledge 

with everyone around her. Her favorite quote: Always choose fun! 


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