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Back to School Stylin'

What a wonderful time of year! We love September - the month that opens the door for all the gathering-fun-filled-family holidays! Whether you are going back to school in person or through online learning, we hope you feel confident and full of hope, for we know you can do hard things!

One of our awesome head counselors, Kris Denison, is sharing with you her awesome tips to dress for success, wherever you go!

Here are 3 other tips as you head into this Fall Season!

  1. CHOOSE KINDNESS. Oh how the world needs so much kindness right now. Take time each day to intentionally pray, listen to the spirit, and find someone to uplift. This will make your life be filled with more joy and love as you help others feel love.

  2. TIME MANAGEMENT. This can be a very busy season. Remember to prioritize what's most important and take time for that first. Write out your schedule and don't forget to schedule in time for self care and filling your bucket as well!

  3. REMEMBER WHOSE YOU ARE. You are a special child of God and He LOVES you more than we can possibly comprehend. He wants to hear your worries, fears, joys, and questions. Pray and keep your relationship strong with Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. When tough days come, remember that you are never alone and you can conquer anything!

We love you, Bee There Girls!


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