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Feel Good Friday!

Happy Friday! What a week it has been! We have compiled a list of uplifting videos for your viewing pleasure! ENJOY!

1. If you have been to Be The Best You Camp, you will remember seeing some of these "feel good" videos from the "Foundation for a Better Life" in Barbara's talks. Take the time to watch one or two... or three! You are sure to feel inspired to BE YOUR BEST SELF!

This video below is one of their newer ones all about KINDNESS!

2. We love this next video that inspires us to BE ONE with those around us, despite many differences. We can all be united as children of God.

3. We loved having Cambry come to BBY Camp as one of our speakers in 2018. This video gives HOPE to anyone going through a trial and how to live beyond "What If..."

What is a takeaway you have from watching one of these videos?

How can you "Be Your Best Self?"

Who needs your light and love this weekend? Maybe you can think of someone you can share one of these videos with.

Stay kind!

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