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It Starts with Me...It Starts with YOU!

Kindness Month this July was truly something amazing!

Small and simple things truly bring GREAT, amazing things to pass!

As participants were writing in about their experiences and what they learned, there was one consistent theme and that was that It starts with me.

It just took one smile, one note, one text or phone call, one hug to start a chain reaction or ripple effect of kindness. Sometimes we may think our "little act" wont make a difference, but it does. God uses us to bless others and by choosing KINDNESS, we really are making the world a better place.

We hope you continue to lift spirits, strengthen hearts, and LOVE others this year.

You're amazing, Bee There Girls - you really went above and beyond last month and we LOVE YOU!! We are excited to do a Kindness Month every year as we unite all over the world in kindness, love, and hope!

Enjoy this video of just some of the kind acts that took place in July.


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