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Making the Most of 2020

Written by: Abbey Krzymowski

Hey girls,

At the start of this year, most of us probably had some big hopes for 2020, right? I know I sure did! My lists of goals, dreams, books to read, places to visit, and things to do filled more than a couple of pages. The start of a year provides such a wonderful opportunity to recenter, refocus, and reconnect with everything that we hope to create and experience in the next precious 365 days. But now that we’re finishing up January, have you lost your motivation? Do you feel swamped trying to juggle homework, a social life, maybe a job and team sports, family relationships, spirituality, physical health, emotional wellness, and a whole number of other obligations and responsibilities? If that sounds like you, I hope you never feel alone because you definitely aren’t the only one! So how can we all make the most of 2020 without giving up on the self we can be or checking out from the things that need to be done? 2020 does have the potential to be the most impactful year of your life if you decide to make that happen.

It seems to me that more than ever before, we live in a very loud world. There are a lot of voices, podcasts, influencers, and even friends telling us who to be, and what to do, and how to dress, and what kind of self love we need, and all around what our lives should look like. It is pretty much impossible not to get overwhelmed by the constant noise, and pressure, anxiety, and stress of it all to the point that we can’t even hear our own thoughts. It can be easy to forget what we love, and what we value, and even what our deepest desires are. How do you think that would change if you decided 2020 would be the year that you figure out—for yourself—exactly what is most important to you?

Now, don’t go thinking you’re too young to get started on something like this. Satan doesn’t care how old you are, and since there is power that comes from understanding what your own priorities, values, motivations, and desires are, there is no better time to get started than the present. This does take effort and time to focus on the real, earnest needs and desires of your soul, but can then help you to create a simple statement of purpose, or mission statement, or list of personal resolutions (whatever you want to call it) to guide your life.

Here are five tips for getting started:

1. Use the Church of Jesus Christ’s new Personal Development Program For Children and Youth. Do you have one of the little booklets that takes you step-by-step through the process of discovering, planning, acting, and reflecting on patterns of growth you want to implement in your life? The best part is that they outline the 4 most important categories for you: spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual. If you don’t already have one of these pocket-sized workbooks, talk to a young women’s leader.

2. The Primary Answers. Prayer, scripture study, and going to the temple. There’s a reason those are the go-to answers to pretty much every question you get asked at church. The will invite the Holy Ghost to be more present in your life, which will increase your ability to discern and prioritize.

3. Seek Out Other Inspiration. When trying to create my own list of personal resolutions, it was helpful to find examples from others who have done the same. My favorites have been John Andreas Widtsoe’s 17 Resolves, Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues, and Gretchen Rubin’s 12 Commandments.

4. Be still. When you want to get to know someone, don’t you spend time with them? The same is true when getting to know yourself. Sit, ponder, and reflect—alone.

5. Make A Record. Write it all down. The whole process. Make it yours. And then trim it down until every word is essential and simple enough to memorize.

By following these same steps, I was able to create my own list of 15 Resolutions. They have already brought me so much focus and strength, which I hope you’ll find in creating your own as well.

You’ve got this, girls! Can’t wait to see you at BBY Camp 2020!

Love, Abbey

My 15 Resolutions

Put the Lord first. Be Abbey. Prioritize my inner circle. Learn something new every day. Create beauty in the ordinary. Share thoughts with heaven. Anticipate good things to come. Embrace the art of present living. Seek to uplift. Choose joy. Express gratitude. Practice Patience. Seek discernment. Develop wisdom. Respond with love.


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