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New Year, New You!

Happy 2021! We hope this year finds you healthy and happy and refreshed to start a new chapter.

While setting resolutions in January is common, we want to give you some different ways and perspectives to look ahead in the new year. Maybe some new resolutions you haven't thought of or different ways to set your intentions and look forward with HOPE without being overwhelmed.

1. If setting goals is your jam, here are some meaningful ideas that will definitely make a big difference!

  1. Make better eye contact with people as you speak and listen to them. Even moreso, NOTICE the people around you. Put your phone down and look out to see who needs your smiling face or uplifting words today. Listen to this inspiring conference address about "Looking outward" and write down you key takeaway points you can apply to your life.

  2. Look in the mirror each morning and say an affirmation you need in your life. One example might be "I am a child of God. He loves me and will help me today."

  3. Say "Thank You" 10 times each day.

  4. Read this WONDERFUL New Year's talk and write down one takeaway you can apply.

2. Set your yearly intentions by getting your mind and heart in the right space by listening to this ADVICE. Thinking back on what lessons you learned in 2020, what would one sentence be of advice you would give yourself this year?

3. Choose a WORD OF THE YEAR! This is so fun! Print this word out to put on your mirror or buy a piece of jewelry with the word on it to remember and direct your decisions throughout the year. Grab a piece of paper and make two columns. On one side, write down everything that went well over the past year. On the other side, write what you would like to change. Review the side that lists what went well. How do these things make you feel? What do you want more of? Choose one to five words that really speak to how you want your year to feel. Nouns, verbs, anything works—just words that feel good to you. Review them all together, then narrow it down to one that you know in your heart you need more of.

4. And one last idea to start out 2021...... SIGN UP FOR BBY! ;) Registration is open and early bird pricing is available through February! You can also get an additional $25 off when you register in January. We cant wait for you to see and take part in all thats in store for our Be There Girls come July! Get ready to party!


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