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Simple Service

Written By: Amy South (BBY Camp Counselor 2019)

Be the Best You Camp is filled with opportunities to serve, both planned and unplanned! As a first time counselor last year, I was amazed at the incredible spirit of service and unity present at BBY camp. As I first met my girls as a counselor, it became clear to me that they felt just as nervous and uneasy as I did. As the week progressed however, one thing unified us in all of our many differences:

Our desire to uplift.

From leaving anonymous notes all over camp to finding heartfelt notes in my bag from my girls, the joy we found in lifting others truly bonded our group together. We became truly giddy about plotting who we would serve next and how we would uplift them.

The wonderful thing I came to learn is that this is what Be The Best You Camp is all about. We spent the week eating amazing food, having spontaneous dance parties, and partying hard at “Girls Night Out.” We also participated in incredible service projects, learned from the examples of others, and gained a deeper desire “do something” with our talents, gifts, and abilities once camp was over. We spent the week focused on how the love we felt from God can change our lives and the lives of others for the better. Not only did we learn some pretty sweet new dance moves, we learned the power of empathy and compassion, selflessness and service. We left camp with the desire to keep our passion for lifting others strong.

The power of service learned through BBY has certainly changed my mind and helped me always focus on seeing others as God does. If BBY did for my girls what it did for me, it has been a bright beacon of light to remind them who they truly are and the power that they have to make a difference in the lives of others.

I’m so grateful for BBY and the incredible goodness that it has brought into my life.


Lucia Castello
Jan 27, 2020

Hello I would love to help in any way you have need of my services.

Lucia Castello



Tresia Lindsay
Jan 24, 2020

Hello I would love to help again with be a counselor or anything else you may need help with. Thank you Tresia Lindsay 801-674-9640

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