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The Real Reason Why You Should LOVE Yourself - Written By: Ashley Romney

I am so nervous to write this post - there are so many blog posts, thoughts, and words on love; especially self-love and I want to say something that will touch your heart deeply in a way where you can not only FEEL but SEE your self-worth.

The word self-worth, I believe is sometimes used incorrectly. I've heard it used many times where they will say things like, "I had such low self-worth". I know what they are trying to say, but I would rather they used the words low self-esteem than to use self-worth. Why? Because in order to understand who you are and what it means to be a child of God, you have to understand the concept of self-worth.

Self-worth is something that is UNCHANGING. There is nothing in this entire world that you could do that could take away or chip at your self-worth.

Your self-worth is your value.

Though it’s important to note, it's not some numerical value that can be measured.

It is infinite and unchanging.

It's not something that can be determined by some human.

Although, it was created by the most loving being in all of mankind.

Your self-worth is not to be measured by others.

It never has been and it never will be.

But there is someone who has shown the measure of His love for your self-worth in a way that is SO beyond great it makes it impossible to pay Him back for His gratitude.

We live in a world that is getting more and more confused about what self-worth actually is, and it constantly makes us feel as if we have to chase our worth, let alone feel like we will ever be enough.

Even in our church culture there seems to be a lot of competition.

We compete to be the prettiest.

To have the strongest testimony.

We sadly make competition at times out of our callings and titles.

And even competing to be enough to receive personal revelation, as if it's limited to only a few. I pray you have not felt the effects of these competition tendencies, but if you have please know they are simply not true.

You don't need to compete with anyone, ever!

That’s not how Heavenly Father’s plan was created.

God is an abundant God with unlimited opportunities for everyone.

You see, the atonement of Jesus Christ is so very personal and individual.

We often see it as a whole without really understanding how personal it is to YOU!

It is SO important for you to know how much Christ loves you. Not your neighbor. Not your best friend. But YOU!

And if CHRIST LOVES YOU SO MUCH HE WOULD DIE FOR YOU ALONE, don't you think His heart breaks when He hears you saying or believing anything negative about yourself?

The adversary wants to do anything that counterfeits with the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ, as it was the most significant and profound event that took place or ever will take place on this earth.

It's the most profound because it was the most humble and heroic event as it is the only possibility and chance we have that will allow us to have hope, to have joy, and to be able to return back to Heavenly Father.

The atonement shows YOU just how much Christ loves YOU!

But the adversary, he doesn't want you to recognize the atonement and how much you are loved. So he sends you messages all the time telling you how you will never be enough and that you aren't worth loving.

To take the bait of the adversary and to believe that you aren't worth loving is harmful as it takes away from us seeing the atonement for the TRUE and infinite gift that it is.






If Christ loves you and lives every drop of joy and pain right along with you, wouldn't you say it's pretty important to love yourself?!!

There are so many beautiful things that come along with loving yourself, so I made a list just for you! I strongly encourage you to add to the list and find even more attributes that are found in a girl who truly loves herself, because Christ loved her first.

Next time you are tempted to buy into the lie that you aren't loved, that you aren't enough, or you'll always be behind because life is just one big competition, remember whose the one that doesn't want you to know you are worth loving & dying for? IT’S NOT CHRIST!

The only way to have TRUE self-esteem (the kind that is neither selfish or fleeting) is to trust in the beautiful atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ and to put all of your confidence in Him.

Love yourself because HE loves you.

Sending all the love to you on this beautiful heart filled weekend. Praying that you may truly know and understand your worth! Also, don’t be a stranger. Stop by and say hi or send me an email. I’m always here to cheer you on and help point your heart to Christ.

Love always,

Ashley Romney


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